"What do you dream about?"

It's a deeply personal question, especially from strangers, but I've learned to take it as a compliment. 

Whether in clay or ink, I strive to portray a sense of place which is familiar, but also a bit hazy. I love how time and history can transform even a mundane building or structure into something of intrigue and mystery. I try to evoke these qualities in each of my creations, giving them a story and a past about which we can only speculate.

- Wendy Converse 




Converse Creations at Jamburdie Farms is the home studio of Wendy Converse and Tina Atwood. We settled in Upstate South Carolina in 2014 with the goal to set up a small farmstead, live for ourselves and focus on our passions. While the journey has been a little slow at times, it has also seemed like a whirlwind. Everyday on our small farm, we are surrounded by dozens of chickens, goats and dogs. It's a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable place to create art in all forms.